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Going Viral Again

On July 14th something wonderful happened. BibViz went viral again and spread through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks! Thank you to everyone who shared and spread the gift of reason. Also a special thank you to those of you who donated to the project, I appreciate it. I'd like to give a small stats update about how the site is doing.

An Average Month

Today, an average month looks like between 30,000 and 50,000 page views from 15,000 unique visitors. That's more than one page view per minute around the clock for the entire month, on average. It also means that people are exploring the site more than when we first launched, with an average of 3⅓ pages viewed per unique visitor.

Since the introduction of commenting on the site, it has also received a lot of comments. Only blatant spam has been removed, so you'll find a lot of arguments both for and against the more popular contradictions. I'm glad this site has helped to spark interest in the debate about biblical inerrancy.

The Spike

One day in July things changed drastically from the average:

Pageviews and visitors

On July 14th there were almost 55,000 page views. Then, on the 15th it hit 86,000! That's significantly more in one day than the monthly average! The majority of the traffic was coming from the original Friendly Atheist post about BibViz by Hemant Mehta. That in turn was fueled by social media posts, some of which Hemant helped me to locate (thanks!)

Outside of traffic from Friendly Atheist, there was also a lot coming in from direct shares. Here you can see the result of shares on Facebook that I'm able to access:

Facebook shares

There were also a good number of impressions of the direct shares. Over 600,000 people saw a direct link to BibViz in their Facebook news feed over the course of a few days.

Facebook impressions


As you can see from the charts above, the traffic has come back down to a more normal daily amount as the long tail of shares slows down again. Thanks for all the community support for this project. You have helped to make it a huge success.

Please do consider a donation or sharing the site again in the future!

Posted by Daniel